PaediatricsConditions We Treat

At PhysioPlus, our Chartered Physiotherapists are trained to treat children as young as a few months old, for any of the musculoskeletal, biomechanical or developmental problems that may arise.

As a newborn some of the common complaints we give advice and manage are Torticollis, Plagiocephaly and monitoring of hip dysplasia (DDH) in conjunction with the orthopaedics team.

Moving into toddler years, we can advise on any biomechanical concerns that parents may have regarding your child’s hips, knees and feet.

For example, turning in or out of your child’s foot as they walk, toe walking and issues relating motor skills.

As your child grows, they may encounter some musculoskeletal conditions related to sudden growth spurts, e.g Osgood Schlatter’s of the knee, Sever’s of the ankle and postural changes presenting as Scoliosis.

Paediatrics – These conditions are important to manage early through a thorough musculoskeletal assessment and specific exercise advice and manual therapy.

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