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Kinesiotape is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. Therapeutic kinesiotaping can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, plus inflammatory conditions. At PhysioPlus, all our therapists use and recommend Kinesiotape.

Kinesiotape is almost identical to human skin in both thickness and elasticity, which allows itself to be worn without constricting or restriction of movement.

Kinesiotape is widely used by Olympic and professional athletes across the world, due to its ability to enhance sporting performance, prevent injury and allow quicker return to sport following injury.

Kinesiology tape can be worn during intense exercise, swimming or showering, and dries quickly after a quick pat with a towel.

Kinesiology taping can be left on for several days, therefore therapeutic benefits are available to the injured area 24 hours a day, significantly accelerating the healing process from trauma, injuries and inflammatory conditions.

Your muscle strength may be assisted by kinesiology tape via physical assistance and tactile feedback through the skin.

Kinesiology provides a passive lift to your skin via its elastic properties. This vacuum effect allows your lymphatic and venous drainage systems to drain and swollen or bruised tissue quicker than without the kinesiology tape.

At PhysioPlus, all our therapists use Kinesiotape. You can Buy Kinesiotape here: