Back PainConditions We Treat

Back pain is a condition you can manage effectively. This requires a complex approach of understanding the causes of your back pain, specific manual therapy techniques to treat your pain and back rehabilitation exercises to prevent recurrent episodes.

At PhysioPlus our treatment focus is on relieving your back pain, restoring your ability to move normally, improving spinal alignment and posture, strengthening your core stability musculature and associated muscle imbalances, advice and education on how you can self-manage your back care through making small lifestyle changes, including regular exercise, keeping a healthy weight, paying attention to your posture at work, leisure and sporting activities and having a regular back care program to prevent recurrent episodes.

Initially to relieve your back pain at PhysioPlus we use a combination of manual therapy techniques including manipulation, mobilisation and myofascial techniques.

Kinesiotaping and dry needling are also useful in the acute stage of back pain. We progress our treatment towards specific exercise prescription for your type of pain and stiffness, this often involves a Pilates core stability home exercise program.

We advise on ergonomic care in the workplace and at home.The most common back pain arises from a soft tissue injury, either a muscle or ligament sprain. This is frequently related to poor sitting or standing posture which leads to overstretching of ligaments and muscles. This type of back or pelvic girdle pain can also occur in pregnancy when the ligamentous laxity caused by hormones can lead to joint strain.

A strain of the intervertebral disc can arise from a bending stress. This can be stress from bending to lift a weight incorrectly or from prolonged sitting in a poor posture.

Often it is a combination of these, e.g when twisting to lift a suitcase from a car after a long journey, or slouching in a couch after a few hours of heavy gardening.

A herniated or prolapsed disc can develop when the jelly like centre of the disc can bulge out of the disc, leading to pressure on a nerve. The most common nerve being pressed is the sciatic nerve. This is commonly known as sciatica.

Back pain is also caused by arthritis or spondylosis, which is the wear and tear associated with age and lifestyle. This type of pain can be helped by doing flexibility and strengthening exercises and keeping active. Keeping a healthy weight also helps significantly.

Whatever the cause or type of back pain you are experiencing, the most important aspect of your care is accurate diagnosis and management to target your specific needs.

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