Back and Universal Wheat Hot Pack

Back and Universal Wheat Hot Pack


Back and Universal Wheat Hot Pack

Heat has always been used as a simple yet effective way to manage muscle or joint pain and stiffness. Deep and penetrating heat not only relieves your pain but also enhances your recovery process.

If you’ve been suffering with either stiffness or pain that feels better when you apply heat, have a warm relaxing bath or a hot shower.

Why not invest in a microwavable hot pack for quick, easy and safe application of heat.

Wheat Pack size – 15″ x 14″

  • Provides comforting warmth to areas of pain and stiffness
  • Heats in microwave and retains heat for long periods
  • Double width to allow coverage over larger areas such as lower back and hips
  • Made from high quality corduroy

How Does Heat Actually Help You?

  • By increasing tissue elasticity, heat reduces your resting muscle tension and helps to relax those nasty painful knots.
  • Your pain is quickly eased via the sedation and soothing of any pain-irritated nerve endings.
  • The deep heating effect increases your blood flow to the painful area, bringing more nutrients to the injured area while flushing out the injured debris. This helps to quicken your healing rate.
  • The deep heat also promotes a speedier healing rate by stimulating your natural metabolic rate.

A strong but soft fabric allows for comfortable use and an ability to mould to your body shape, which is great for those areas such as your back, neck, knees and shoulders.

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